An individual does not get cancer,
a family does.

New mom to Oliver; born 03/03/2014. Engaged to his daddy, Michael, as of my first mother's day: 05/11/2014. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called liposarcoma on 04/21/2014 after surgery that was supposed to involve removing a benign tumor; surprise! Not benign. This is my life, my daily struggle. I try to tag things involving my treatment or cancer in general with the following: cancer, chemo, chemotherapy. I talk about it a lot so if that bothers you, you know what to blacklist or whatever. When I'm feeling up to it, I try to mix in some pretty pictures in my queue.

I complain a lot.

I'm not always all that predictable. So here you go. Take your warning and run.

Used to be impulseswild.
09:07 Sadly, Alf has died. This was her first and last meal in her new home. After eating this, she curled up in her shell and died sometime after that. Poor darling. She will be missed. She was in my care for over a year, how old she was when I got her I do not know as her babies are still so small and almost all are at least a year old now. Hopefully she enjoyed her life under my care. :)
08:26 I really think he does thanks to my mom not wanting to pick up on water changes in my absence and he has ALWAYS been super sensitive. I am hopeful I got him back in my care in time. I haven’t checmed in on him yet today but I may just decide to add epsom salt! Though he doesn’t seem as bloated anymore. I don’t know how he could be hiding his poop. Hmm. He definitely is getting more active. My little trooper. I’m thankful Seraph has had zero issues and he loves to hang out in all of his plants. His color is gorgeous too. I don’t know if it is the florescent light but I have never seen him so bright, red, pink, and his white has a bright blue iridescence to it. Gah, I love my boys.

My snails are just fine too. Alf ate an entire algea wafer by herself, the butt. Haha I’ll stop gushing now. I’m just so happy to have them back with me.

Edit: Have I also mentioned that Gibbs flared yesterday?! I haven’t seen him flare in so long.
09:02 Meerkat: “What the hell is that?”

Finally decided on a name for my newest baby snail: Zappa!

Alf and her babies: Astrid, Sokka, Marceline, Loki, Thirteen, and Zappa!

23:02 Gibbs will keep Loki. Murphy will take Thirteen. Alf and the rest will go to the big tank. Where I’m sure many more snails will be born. Gah!

Gibbs is so good though. He doesn’t harm the baby snails. Doesn’t try to eat them. Tries to take their food, but that is all. I love Gibbs.
22:56 Alf is ALIVE. Also going the wrong way. Shrimp pellet is the other way! She lost her little foot thing though. D: That’s why I thought she was dead. I found the little shell like thing that helps protect them when they move, then she was far up inside her shell. I hope she will be okay without that little thing.

Also, Thirteen has already discovered climbing.
22:49 I was Loki’d again. I think this one will be Thirteen…like from House and since this is the first snail of 2013. Dammit Alf. Pretty sure Alf also had this little thing like..yesterday. So, born on the 13th too. Yup. This is Thirteen.

I also thought Alf was dead. But nope. Yayyyy.

Gibbs is trying to steal a shrimp pellet from Marceline. Rude.
22:28 Marceline! I love watching them shuffle through the sand. I wonder if they prefer the sand over the gravel. I feel like the sand is much easier for them to navigate and less painful. Hmm.

I can’t wait until the big tank is up. I want to move pretty much all of them to it. I’ll never be able to tell them apart again, I’m sure. But they’d be happier, I’m sure. I will probably leave Loki with Gibbs and maybe Sokka with Murphy. But definitely Alf will be in the big tank. And then Marceline and Astrid. Possibly Sokka too. I don’t know.

Loki is staying though.