An individual does not get cancer,
a family does.

New mom to Oliver; born 03/03/2014. Engaged to his daddy, Michael, as of my first mother's day: 05/11/2014. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called liposarcoma on 04/21/2014 after surgery that was supposed to involve removing a benign tumor; surprise! Not benign. This is my life, my daily struggle. I try to tag things involving my treatment or cancer in general with the following: cancer, chemo, chemotherapy. I talk about it a lot so if that bothers you, you know what to blacklist or whatever. When I'm feeling up to it, I try to mix in some pretty pictures in my queue.

I complain a lot.

I'm not always all that predictable. So here you go. Take your warning and run.

Used to be impulseswild.
Also, my mom keeps complaining about Lily.

Because now she is becoming too social. She is always out and about in the house, drinks from the water fountain in the kitchen, wants to snuggle on the couch, tries to sleep on my mom, etc etc.

Which is it you want? Her hiding in the bedroom all of the time or her being social? Make up your mind. Quit complaining about my baby because at least you got to keep her. She should be here with me.

00:32 She is doing her best to help. I miss her so much.
Lily doesn’t love me anymore. :(

She was super cautious coming out to see me and then quickly went back to the closet. That breaks my heart so much. Now I’m crying.

I miss my baby girl. :(

I’m so lame.

Since this is one of my last night’s with Itsy and Percy, I have them trapped in our current bedroom. I cleaned out the disgusting litter box in kiddo’s room. Scrubbed it and got it so clean you could eat off it. Fresh litter, now all set up for them. Then I gave them food and water. They are down for the night. Just me and the kitties I’m going to miss so much. :( I wish I could keep them AND Lily but I know she would hate me.

07:35 Before picture of Lily. If only she’d stay still. In one hour she goes to the groomer to get rid of the mats and such. If she behaves, they will give her a lion cut. Here’s hoping she behaves well enough to not need to be put under which would result in a reschedule and won’t happen until probably late August!
14:56 Furry monster.

My cat is licking the butter and peanut butter off my plate.

It is mostly butter.

Why. That is gross.